Sunday, July 1, 2012

Experience of Living with Pacemaker for bradycardia Away from my usual subjects: Whenever asked if it is better to consult the head or the heart my answer has long been "both". Very recently, after visiting my physician to ask about some odd sensations like I was briefly light-headed or fatigued, I was attached to various heart monitoring tests after which each technician looked at me with some concern, pronouncing that my heart rate was slower than the test taken a day or two earlier in the week. The slow heart rate goes by the medical name, bradycardia I was advised that I definitely needed a pacemaker to speed things up. I should get it sooner than later. I am an age when this is not an uncommon problem or recommendation. What has perplexed me after a day of web-searching is the virtually complete lack of first hand accounts of people of my age group living with pacemakers. There seem to be multitudes of accounts by the makers of these things of how useful they are medically, how rare the complications, and some stories by people who had pacemakers implanted in their childhood, and so on, but nothing by individuals experiencing it about what it feels like to live with this foreign control speeding one's heart rate. Does it free them, energize them, depress them, scare them? Any comment?

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